Wooden Playset Or Metal Swingset – Which One Is Right For Your Family?

Wooden Playset Or Metal Swingset – Which One Is Right For Your Family?

Are you looking to buy a backyard playset for your home? There are two main types to choose from and each one has unique benefits. Having some playground equipment in your own backyard should help keep your kids at home but it might also draw all of their friends. You will be what we used to call the Kool-Aid mom. All the neighborhood kids will be at your house because of all the fun stuff to do there.

There are a lot of toys to fill your yard like sandboxes, cars, trampolines and swimming pools but this article should help you decide what type of swing set to buy. Any swing set will provide hours of fun for children but there are many options for each one.

The traditional metal swingset can be found in stock and ready to take home at most local retail stores. They are pretty straightforward with a couple of swings and a slide. These sets can accommodate 2 to usually about 6 children depending on the size. They are constructed of hollow metal tubes and are put together in an A frame shape.

Metal swingsets are usually reasonably priced and can last a few years. You will most likely see some rusting and the metal poles may get dented. They will have 4, 6 or 8 legs and each one should be anchored into the ground for safety.

While these swingsets are fairly priced and easy to get they do have some drawbacks. The children cannot swing very high without the legs trying to come out of the ground and the slides are not very sturdy. They are not usually sturdy enough for more than two or three children to be playing on at the same time.

The newer wooden playsets offer a wide variety of play options with additional pieces that are easy to add. These sets usually offer a variety of accessories that are not available on the metal sets. A wooden set usually has many parts other than the swings. With a variety of activities built right into the playset, you can entertain more children at one time. Being able to accommodate more children means more free time for you.

The wooden playset is also available in a variety of sizes and price ranges. The biggest drawback of a wooden playset is putting it up. Your ground must be level and they have many more parts than a metal swingset has. You will find that it may take a couple of days to get one of these built, especially if you have never done it and you are working by yourself.

Although the parts like chains and swings are usually sturdier that those that come with metal swingsets, they might need to be replaced within a year or two. The smaller wooden playsets are sturdier than metal ones but not as sturdy as the larger more expensive wooden playsets. The chains and vinyl coverings are especially not the same quality and may need to be replaced sooner depending on use.

The more expensive wooden playsets tend to be larger and take up much more ground space. The wood, bolts and accessories are better quality than the less expensive ones. Therefore they allow safe play for a larger number of children. If you can afford it and space allows the larger wooden playset will provide you with many years of safe play.

Wooden playsets also come with a variety of accessories. A covered top deck is usually standard and so are the monkey bars. They also have a variety of climbing activities like walls or ropes. Because of the way they are designed and their height you can choose from a variety of curved or straight slides. These wooden playsets are easy to add on to as your child grows or you can simply replace simple activities with more challenging ones.

Finally: It is absolutely essential that whenever you are putting playground equipment together for your children that you read the instructions. It will also save you a lot of time and trouble if you count and separate all the parts and get the proper tools before you start. All swing sets and play structures need to be set on level ground. For safety it is a good idea and recommended with the wooden play structures to check and tighten all bolts each year. Be sure to fill out the registration forms that come with your new playset to stay updated on any recalls.