Accidents at School

Accidents at School

School management and maintenance teams have a responsibility to children, teachers, substitutes and other staff members to provide a safe, clean environment, free of hazard or potential harm. Because children spend the majority of their days at school, parents should not have to worry about the safety of their little ones. If an accident does occur that could have been prevented by responsible behaviors, it would be in the best interest if the parent to bring the case to a court of law, in order to protect other children from the same fate.

It can be devastating for a child and the rest of the family if they are injured at school. Not only will the child face physical and emotional suffering, parents may have take off of work to attend to their children and nurse them back to health. This could lead to lost wages due to missed work, or even wrongful termination for the parent.

Negligent-behaving administrators should take responsibility for their actions and pay financial compensation to help victims recover from damages. The best way to make sure your family receives all that they can is through the help of an experienced attorney. That way, you can make sure the judge and jury fully understand your claim in legal terms so they can assign fault correctly.

The following injuries could happen in a school environment, leading to a potential personal injury claim:

Food-borne illnesses from school-provided food.

Slip-and-fall accidents.

Injuries from defective classroom equipment, such as desks or chairs.

Asbestos (or other toxins) exposure.

Injuries from heavy lifting.

Any form of assault or abuse.

Injuries from sports activities.

Infections from unsanitary conditions.

Improper treatment by school medical staff (such as incorrect distribution of prescription medicine)

If these injuries happen to your child, you have every right to pursue your case in a court of law. It is likely that if it these events happened to your loved one, they could easily be happening to others as well.

Children should feel safe in their school and comfortable with staff members. If any physical or emotional pain and suffering is occurring, it is imperative that it is stopped immediately.