Kids Playground Sets – Here Are 2 Important Considerations Before You Buy

Kids Playground Sets – Here Are 2 Important Considerations Before You Buy

When searching for a great kids playground set or backyard play equipment for your young children here are 2 key areas to consider.

1. Make Sure The Play Set is Age-Appropriate

Consider the age range of your children now. A mistake that many people make is buying a set that a child can grow into. You should aim at having between 2-5 years of activity from a Play Set. Just make sure that the equipment will suit their abilities and interests for their current age. You want them to immediately be comfortable with all areas of the Play Set so they can enjoy it right away.

If you have children of different ages than you should consider getting a Play Set that has apparatus for different age groups. For instance, many sets offer the option of getting a child’s swing that securely holds a younger child, while still offering slightly larger apparatus for children a few years older. Having the option to add or change sections of the Play Set should be a consideration when there are different age groups.

Remember it is more important for a parent to be close at hand to ensure younger children do not climb up on slides and other pieces that could turn fun into a fall or injury.

2. Always Consider Safety Based On Their Ages and Abilities

Because children do not recognize a potentially dangerous situation, it is even more important that you consider your child’s abilities and motor skills before your install any Play Equipment in your backyard.

Naturally children have less fear when something looks like fun. Unfortunately Playground injuries can be common as a result. School and Park Playgrounds have equipment that is installed for a broad age-range so for some children it’s fine but for others it’s too high or too difficult; and potentially dangerous. When acquiring a Play Set for your backyard consider the potential for injury based on your children’s age and abilities.

Don’t just consider the equipment but also where and how it will be installed. Be sure to consider the surface and read the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. Many manufacturers recommend special surfaces that have less impact.

Simply put, safety must be considered along with the age-appropriate level. Parents should always be immediately available for very young children. As a child ages and is comfortable with the Play Equipment the parent should still be close and always watching. Children tend to push themselves so the need to be close is very important.

These are just 2 important considerations when you are searching for a Kids Playground Set for your children. Try to imagine yourself at their level (literally) and keep it age-appropriate and safe.