Safety Tips to Avoid Playground Injuries

Safety Tips to Avoid Playground Injuries

The children are always prone to injuries while playing with playground equipment. Poor quality equipment and lack of adult supervision are responsible for most of the injuries along with other factors. By teaching the children right playing behaviour and following certain safety rules, the playing experience of the children can be made more wonderful.

Playground equipment always makes children happy. Outdoor play is also better for health and fitness. But for the sake of happiness and fitness, safety of children should not be compromised. The playground related injuries are increasing year by year. To keep a control over these injuries few safety rules should be followed strictly.

Some of the safety points to avoid playground related injuries are as follows:

* The children should be supervised while playing with playground equipment. The area or park where the children go for playing should be open enough so that they can be viewed easily by adults. Adult supervision is necessary to avoid any accident. An elder person can do basic first aid and arrange help in the event of an accident.

* The presence of an elder member of a family can make the children behave in a responsible way. When a number of children use the same equipment, some of them can indulge in harming other children. The children must be taught responsible play behavior to enhance their playtime experience.

* While purchasing playground equipment, it is wise to check that the manufacturer has followed the standard safety guidelines or not. Reputed equipment manufacturers or suppliers usually follow all the safety guidelines set by concerned authority. As such their playground designs are safe and the equipment is made up of quality material. To play safe, the installation of playground equipment should be conducted by professionals. The after sales service of reputed dealers is also good.

* The playground equipment should be regularly inspected in order to detect any wear and tear in the structure. Proper maintenance is also necessary to keep the children away from any injury and risk. This is very essential with respect to the equipment placed in the backyard areas, school playground, public parks, etc.

* Ground covering also plays an important role in making the playground safe for children. Concrete and asphalt coverings should be avoided as they are hazardous. Grass and packed earth are also said to be dangerous. Only soft unitary and loose-fill materials are considered safe for ground covering. Loose fill materials like mulch and sand also work well on playgrounds.

By following few rules the risks associated with commercial playground equipment can be reduced to a great extent. This will always keep the fun and enjoyment for children intact.