Rubber Mulch: The Best Playground Surface Material

Rubber Mulch: The Best Playground Surface Material

Are you planning to get your unused school playground resurrected? Wondering what type of playground surface to install? Then you should consider installing rubber mulch playground surfaces. Read this article to find out more about rubber mulch playground surface material and its features.

Most playgrounds either have grass or stone chips surfaces, therefore are quite unsafe to play on. This is because while playing children normally tend to fall down and when they do, they get badly injured. Cemented playgrounds are far more dangerous compared to grass and stone chip surfaces. While wooden surface playgrounds have a nice look about them, they have a short life besides being prone to cracking and warping with time. However, there is a much better alternative that has come up and is the most preferred playground surface hitherto. They are the rubber mulch playground surfaces.

It has become a very popular form of playground surfacing these days and the reason being their great ability to cushion falls and minimize the impact of falls. These are made from recycled rubber materials like truck tires, cycle tubes, rubber pipes, etc. When the used rubber products go through the recycling process, all impurities present in them get removed. Further, they are shredded and de-vulcanized to produce the clean rubber mulch.

Some of the core reasons, why rubber mulch playgrounds are so popular today are:

* It provides a cushioned surface that avoids any kind of serious injuries after a sudden fall.

* It does not allow any unwanted growth of weeds on the playground surface.

* They are highly efficient in absorbing water readily after a heavy rain shower.

* They come in various textures, colors and sizes. This gives an opportunity to people to select the playground rubber of their choice.

* With used rubber being used to produce the playground rubber, these waste rubber products do not end up in landfills.

* They last long and have an expected life term of about 20 to 25 years. This makes them an economical playground surface solution.

* They hardly require any maintenance and the rubber does not decompose easily.

* They do not attract bacteria or pests.

* The rubber mulch material is approved by IPEMA and ADA.

* Finally, it is completely non-toxic and environment friendly.

Using rubber mulch for playgrounds is a highly effective way of minimizing head and other injuries that children normally sustain on playgrounds. It can be applied on any playground and most importantly; they are more affordable when compared to asphalt, granite and wooden playground surfacing materials.

Today, the use of rubber mulch is not constrained to playground surfacing only. It is a common feature in zoos, amusement parks and even shopping malls. The reason for this is its reasonable pricing and high durability factor. In order to install rubber mulch on playgrounds, one can hire the services of a reputable manufacturer and installer of rubber playground surfacing.

It provide playgrounds with a superior look and feel. The dynamic nature of designs and varied colors of rubber mulches make the whole playground lively. The decision of using this for the playgrounds is certainly a wise option. However, it is important to choose the right kind of supplier, who can be relied upon for providing exactly what is required.